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Direction + Production + Art Direction + 2D Animation + Compositing

On The Rocks is a music video inspired by the 80’s metal heroes from Japan. Ricardo Cruz is one of the voices of the japanese group JAM project which consists of singers who created and perform the themes of series and anime. He released his first solo album and join the filmmakers Ariel Wollinger and Fabiano Broki to develop a homage to the tokusatsu genre as a series episode.

The legend Hiroshi Watari (Sharivan, Spielvan and Bommerman on Jaspion series) plays the main character. The costumes were created by the artist Alessandro “Von Victor” Fonseca (who also plays the General). The VFX supervisor Rafael Segnini created the 3D characters and vehicles. The helmet designed by both artists was sculpted by the prop maker Eduardo Augusto. All the fight scenes and transformations were choreographed by the stunt coordinator and martial artist Gutemberg Lins who also plays the stunt of Mr. Watari. To complete the team the youtuber with almost 4 million followers Caue Moura plays the villain.

Conceived as an independent film with support of the giants Vetor Zero/Lobo, O2 Filmes and their artists, it took almost an year from scratch to post made on the spare time. The music video is a Supercluster production. Directed and produced by Ariel Wollinger and Fabiano Broki.